Bat for Lashes

1 Feb

Heavy rain has descended upon Sydney once again.

Inevitably, the downpour began as soon as I started walking home from work: the girl who finally reached this terrace house was a shivering and saturated version of myself.

As I write, the rain is a constant thrum upon the roof and the oak trees outside my window shiver in the storm. Thunder punctuates my paragraphs.

This time two days ago, the sky was a beautiful blue, and I sat on the grass drinking champagne with Thea Jane and Charlotte. Who would have thought?

We were celebrating their birthdays! Hooray! Both of them were born on January 31, and no, they’re not related! I had planned a wonderful little evening on Wednesday for them: I had visions of a candlelit dinner, strawberries in champagne, homemade chocolate truffles… trust me, that vision is still in my head and boy, is it wonderful. However, one thing led to another that day (which merits another blog post entirely, stay tuned), so I ended up being half an hour late to my own house where Char and Thea were waiting. Finally, frazzled, stressed and carrying a fat-ass watermelon (an impulse buy/ thought it was a good idea/who knows how I’ll eat a whole watermelon all to myself), I stumbled into my house, and needed C and T to pamper me for a while instead.

But anyway. Grandiose visions had to be laid aside somewhat. Instead, we drank our champagne (with strawberries, still) as we did the beauty routine in the bathroom, and I made a super-speedy dinner of lemon and chilli angel-hair spaghetti (with champagne… and strawberries). Presents were given (Thea: Sophie Dahl’s cookbook Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights; Char: a pair of Ralph Lauren tweed trousers, the perfect fit), another coat of mascara applied, and we stumbled outside to catch our train.

Why? Because we were heading to the Enmore Theatre, to see Bat for Lashes! That’s why!

If you don’t know Bat for Lashes, get out your surfboard and jump on youtube. Or better yet, listen to this:

The story of her two and a half year process of making this album is so inspirational. Hitting a complete creative wall, she couldn’t write a single song to match her previous album. Exasperated, she called her friend Thom Yorke (yep, the Thom Yorke), who told her to  explore creative means other than songwriting. So she took up contemporary dance, and through this, she was able to once again find her voice in song.

I just find this story incredibly inspiring. Bat for Lashes refused to give up. Artistic inspiration is not received; it is sought out, it is achieved. The journey of Bat for Lashes is one of utter determination and perseverance. She’s a woman of action!

And also, she’s just a damn fine performer. What all three of us loved about her was that she refused to be anyone other than herself. She came onto stage wearing a matching rainbow skirt and cape (courtesy of Romance was Born), and sang with her heart on her sleeve. And this is what people respond to: confidence in one’s individuality. This combined with an openness and willingness to connect with others on a deep, emotional level. And also she’s just got a hot body, and is a super cool dancer, and she totally rocks that little black bob.

But anyway, long story short: I just want to encourage all of those artists out there, to keep at it. Man, it’s hard sometimes. But persevere. Keep your heart in it, and anything you produce will be evident of that. Never lose sight of what you want to achieve, no matter how frustrated or exasperated or uninspired you feel.

And if it gets really bad? Have some champagne and pasta with the girls.

2013Jan (491)

2013Jan (459) 2013Jan (471)2013Jan (486)    2013Jan (494) 2013Jan (498) IMG_0778IMG_0789 IMG_0784 IMG_0787

Happy Birthday my darling girls! You’re looking mighty fine… xx

IMG_0844 IMG_0845

P.S. To all you loyal readers out there (I can’t believe how many there are of you!): I’m so honored to have you reading my humble little blog. You make me so happy!!

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Bisous, bisous! x


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