The stuff that dreams are made of

11 Jan

My grandmother is the most darling person I know. You’ll never find anybody sweeter. She is incredibly kind, tolerant and open-minded (except when men swear at the football: she’ll prod them with her walking stick and say “Would you kindly watch your language!?”). She has a halo of white hair, a bright pink walking stick and a Shi Tzu puppy called MacDougal. And what I adore most? Whenever I tell her I love her, she replies: “No, I love you, darling!”

For my recent graduation, she quietly slipped some money into my hand: “I want you to buy a keepsake, Caity. Don’t just buy any old thing.” She was so incredibly proud.

So with her impeccable taste and timeless style in mind, this is what I bought:

World-renowned photographer Diego Uchitel’s new book, Polaroids.

DSC_0720 DSC_0743

DSC_0725DSC_0751  DSC_0753

What better keepsake than an art book, to which I will constantly go for inspiration (and always with Grandma in mind). The photographs in these pages are overflowing with secrets and mystery and beauty… They make me want to travel to… to the world of Helen, or to a forgotten castle, or a secret treehouse in the wilderness (complete with a tyre swing and mossy riverbanks). They make me want to wear arm-fulls of bangles and toe rings and a beautifully draped ball gown. They make me yearn for mystery, for the afternoon sun slanting through a dusty room, for colour, for a pair of lips to kiss.

I want to share with you some of my favourites…

Scroll down; weep.

TenthMuse2-Uchitel TenthMuse3-Uchitel TenthMuse6-Uchitel TenthMuse-Uchitel

Dmag-Hippy001 Dmag-Hippy002  Dmag-Hippy4-2 Dmag-Hippy5 Dmag-Hippy6 MRs Robinson2-Uchitel Mrs Robinson-Uchitel MRSROBINSON2-Uchitel  uchitel_amica_bw2 uchitel_amica_bw3 uchitel_amica_bw4 uchitel_amica_bw5 uchitel_bloomingdales_hair2

uchitel_dmag_49_2 uchitel_dmag_fleece4 uchitel_dmag_hay4 uchitel_dmag_schwartzman3 uchitel_hair uchitel_marieclaire_nomad2 uchitel_marieclaire_nomad3 uchitel_marieclaire_nomad4 uchitel_marieclaire_nomad5

Clearly I have spent hours looking through the photographs on Uchitel’s website. Please have a look here, even if just for me. I can’t even begin to describe the range of his photography, the influence of his work, or the sheer size of his oevre. Read his biography here; information about the specific book polaroids here.

Thankyou Diego Uchitel. Thankyou Grandma.



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