It’s Christmas, Eve!

27 Dec

Merry Christmas! How was your day? I hope you had an absolutely wonderful time celebrating with the people you love most. And I hope you had lots of mince pies, shortbread and Christmas pudding (I ate my weight in mince pies made by Grandma; she’s been making them for 60 years).

My family were finally back together again on Christmas Eve after a year spent apart. Dad flew into Australia that night, and because my eldest bro had to do Doctor things on Christmas day, we had our humble little Christmas dinner the night before.

My mother is a powerhouse in the kitchen. By the time we had driven to and from the airport, she had prepared the most impressive spread, including a roast pork (with crackling, the best bit) and pork sausages wrapped in chicken wrapped in bacon wrapped in loooove. Oh and she also made peach bellinis for the hell of it. And pie, so much pie.


DSC_0349 DSC_0350  bDSC_0361

Because everyone was so scattered this year, we didn’t have a tree. Instead, we had a gorgeous bunch of lillies and a whooole lotta candles.

DSC_0331 DSC_0335 DSC_0336 DSC_0337 DSC_0342

We ate, drank, exchanged gifts, my brothers made fun of me, my Dad told jokes I didn’t understand and mum spilt champagne all over the table (and ignored her daughter-in-law telling her to lick it up… boo).

Finally, claps of thunder heralded a welcome downpour of summer rain and we celebrated with more champagne, chocolate and cups of tea. Dad fell asleep.

In line with the Christmas spirit, I’ll leave you with a cracker of a joke (you’ll fall off your chair):

What did Adam say to his wife the night before Christmas?

…”It’s Christmas, Eve!”



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