Taking over this town since 1968

19 Dec

Another confession: I’ve been shopping again.

But the ends justify the means because THIS time, I found a 1980s vintage Cue Design dress!

Ohhhh… it’s a fabulous mix of taffeta and silk and polkadots… The skirt is calf-length, full-bodied, but has a long, full split straight down the centre, revealing a pencil skirt underneath. I’ve never seen a dress with more cheek, more mystery… what a flirt.

Cue started in Sydney in ’68, originally selling Beatles t-shirts… it’s still a family-run business and 100% Australian owned, but is also one of Australia’s top clothing labels and fashion pioneers. Have a look at their website here, particularly their latest summer collection — to die for (Catherine McNeil=total babe).

I most enjoyed You & Cue, the label’s way of celebrating 40 years: a call to customers to send in photos of themselves wearing their favourite Cue designs. It’s a wonderful collection of photos from the 70s till now – complete with the perms and electric blue eye shadow. My fave is the 1980 “statement dress”. What’s yours?

To continue on in this vein, I’m gonna  share some pics of my (current) favourite Cue dress…




… I feel like a girl going to the prom, back in 1984. Does her date ever show?

Shoes: Doc Marten

Photography: Thea Jane (see her in Gucci here)



One Response to “Taking over this town since 1968”

  1. Gay Hodder December 19, 2012 at 7:22 am #

    What a pretty dress!

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