Hold onto your Hats

18 Dec

Hello! I know it’s been a whole week since I last wrote… but I haven’t forgotten about you, honest!

I’d like to say I had a week away from internet, being holistic and feeding my soul away from all things cyber… but I cannot (…smart phone), just that I had no computer. Hence no new posts.

What a week. I traveled to Canberra to welcome my Mum to Australia, read lots of Thackeray, drink too much champagne and (I guess I’ll mention it?) to graduate. Mmmyes, I’ve just done three years of theatre and learning how to write an English essay based on nothing but my own point of view… Studying Arts really is a lifestyle choice (and a great one).

I wasn’t planning on attending the ceremony, but after continual protest from friends and family, I chose to don the cap and gown and make my hasty walk across the stage.

In all honesty, the thing that made me most excited about graduation was the dress. I wanted to make it. I mean, even Grandma wants a photo of Cait the Graduand on her mantlepiece, so I may as well wear my own dress.

But I did cut corners. All I did was cut up a shirt (removed the back completely) and attached it to a black, pleated skirt (Warehouse, secondhand). A dress of contrasts, I guess. What do you think?

vu  w

A hint for anyone else graduating: it actually doesn’t really matter what dress you wear. What is important is the shoes!! It’s all anyone sees as you walk across the stage! Out of the hundreds of students who graduated with me, the few people I remember are those with the great shoes (most notably, red Connies). I chose the black heels (ZU shoes)… the Doc Martens, paired with the gown, really did make me feel like a witch (badass, but not the “I’m intelligent” look I was shooting for).


The saddest thing? Nobody threw their hats (I know!! The only reason I did a degree was so I could throw the hat at the end)! I’m guessing it was because of this cheeky little message inside:

DSC_0078   a

Hi Grandma!


No more photos from this point on, unfortunately. Too many bottles of champagne, sangria, cosmopolitans and peach Bellinis to even consider carrying a camera… but that story is for another day.



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