Accidental Gucci

11 Dec

A few weeks ago, I was walking along the main street of Dulwich Hill after work, in that sort of semi-delerious state after concentrating for several hours (you know it).

All of a sudden I felt that unexplainable pull towards the local Vinnies: the one where even though you know you have no money, you still know you could justify any sort of purchase (“it’s passable vintage!”, “it’s sort of cheap!”, “But I look like Macklemore!”). Of course, I didn’t fight what nature intended, and careened my way through the blue and white doors.

And guess what I found?


Yep, Gucci. Legit! Capri pants: figure-hugging, camel-coloured… basically all that stood between me and one sexy-ass biatch was $9 (nine! dollars!!).

Swift handover of cash, obviously.

I am now an owner of Gucci.

See if you can beat me. Find some Gucci in your nearest op-shop/thrift shop. Take photos, show off… Then OF COURSE send it to me!!

… Just kidding. Keep it. We all need more Gucci in our lives.

gucciz y  x

Model: TJ (heartbreaker, dancer, best friend, evidently part-time model)

Photography: Moi



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