How to implode your face

9 Dec

It’s time. I have to introduce you to my new addiction.

It’s a cafe, and it’s called Micky’s.

I’ve been here four weeks now and have already lost track of how many times I’ve been. My first experience of this place happened five years ago, after a wild hens night (which produced my first ever hangover, waking up in a shirt saying “I HEART HEAD”…). We took our sorry heads along to this greasy joint, and I remember the taste of those scrambled eggs and thickshakes even to this day.

And what I love? The place hasn’t changed since then. It’s in Paddington, a notoriously high-end (and absolutely wonderful) suburb, so to find a thing of Micky’s character is something of a shock. The service is poor, the decor interestingly… well, what can I say? the walls are lime green, the tables red and the only current decorations are neon signs and lurid Christmas decorations.


BUT. What I adore about this place is that is that it doesn’t try to be anything other than it is: Australia’s version of an American diner. The food is just what you want after a big night out, or any sort of long day that has required any sort of strenuous or stressful activity (read: every day).

Anything of grease, starch, carbs and sugar is worth ordering. You can even order a beer, they have $10 meals on weekdays and the kitchen is open from 8am till MIDNIGHT every day!!

DSC_0604 DSC_0109 DSC_0110 DSC_0610

You don’t believe me? Well, hear me out. If you don’t try anything in this place, you JUST have to try one of their thickshakes. These, I feel, define Micky’s. Want a brownie thickshake? they’ll put brownie and icecream in a blender. Same with Mars Bar Cheesecake Thickshake: cheesecake and icecream blended and poured into a glass. Or at least it tastes that way.

DSC_0608 DSC_0104

Trust me, you can’t even suck it through a straw without making your face implode.

I have taken every single one of my visiting friends to this place, forcing them to try a thickshake. And now, I’m doing the same to you.

Go. Find Oxford St on the map (Micky’s is here), grab a $20 note, drag a friend along (willingness is optional) and try a thickshake. Chips on the side. I said go.


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