On display

6 Dec

A week ago I went to the Whitehouse Institute of Design (the Sydney school, where I’ll be studying next year) to witness the graduating fashion show and exhibition. With me was the editor of Vogue, the head designer for Cue, (allegedly) the buyer for David Jones, and my best friend Char, among many other glamorous and fashionable greats.

Such incredible talent in the one place!  All graduating students in Fashion, Interiors and Creative Styling displayed their final pieces of design. In particular, the fashion show revealed a plethora of individuals who were not afraid to be bold, brave and creative in their approach to fashion.I can’t believe that these designers are only graduating this year, after only three years of study. That most of these students are near to my age… Crikey Moses. Who knows what they’ll all go on to accomplish?


IMG_0442  IMG_0445

I’ve stolen some photos from the Whitehouse website, to give you a better idea of the clothing on display. My favourite was a leather, full-bodied skirt and matching, cropped bodice, coupled with a navy blue headscarf —  the lovechild of a hard-core biker and an enchanting, eyeliner-ed gypsy (fashion really is all about the illusions it creates…).

Here she is! The lovechild!

So tell me: am I merely wearing rose-tinted glasses, or do you like it too? xx


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