Unashamed, unafraid and genuine

2 Dec

What’s a city without its people?

If I really want to know this city, I have to go to parties. Obviously.

My fabulous friend and bright-sparkling star, Anni, is turning the big 21 so last night I donned a vintage dress I picked up in Paris, unashamedly paired with Doc Martens, and headed to a rooftop bar in Sydney’s Newtown (the city’s electric suburb where every true hipster wants to live. Known for its $10 Thai).

The wine was flowing and the food sparse, so the night was… well, you know.

Anni looked more beautiful than I’ve ever seen her, and the hour of heart-felt speeches was testament to her character (my speech described Anni as “unafraid, unashamed and genuine”… mmmyes indeed).

But here’s the catch: Anni doesn’t live in Sydney any more! So I’m cheating. I’ll have to keep searching for the heart of Sydney at other people’s parties… Ultimate gold star if I can give a speech at a stranger’s 21st and pull it off?



Happy Birthday Anni, you old duck. xx


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